Travel TV: Planet Earth 2

October 11, 2017
Travel TV: Planet Earth 2

Travel TV: Planet Earth 2

David Attenborough is a global treasure. If he and Morgan Freeman could read me bedtime stories for the rest of my life, I would be a very happy woman. In case you live under a rock and don’t know who David Attenborough is, he is an English broadcaster, naturalist and as some may call him, the father of the modern nature documentary. He has been producing and narrating nature documentaries since the 70’s including Life on Earth and his most famous series, Planet Earth.

Travel TV: Planet Earth 2 David Attenborough

Planet Earth, debuting in 2006, was the most expensive nature documentary filmed by the BBC and also, the first to air in high definition. Each episode featured a journey around the globe from ‘Pole to Pole,’ to ‘Mountains,’ ‘Jungles,’ ‘Deserts‘ and everything in-between. These beautiful, visually breathtaking shots of the world and her most fragile beings compelled everyone to watch, nature lovers or not. Personally, it inspired me to travel more, to destinations that I hadn’t previously considered. After I saw Planet Earth, I planned a year long adventure in South East Asia, exploring mountains, jungle, oceans and skies. I also travelled to Africa in search of the awe-inspiring views and experiences that David Attenborough captured so perfectly through Planet Earth.

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A decade later, he has done it again. Netflix Canada has just debuted Planet Earth 2, yet another dive into the deep and thrilling world around us. This sequel explores islands, grasslands and even cities, delving into the parallel world of animals surrounding us. The footage is overwhelming and incredibly captivating which is doubly enhanced by that unforgettably unique and soothing voice…I think David Attenborough could even moonlight as a hostage negotiator.

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I highly recommend watching Planet Earth 2. It is exciting, engaging-  excellent. Every single detail has been captured, documented and narrated exquisitely. It will inspire and delight…and possibly even educate. Already, I have started planning adventures for my little man and I to explore the environments of each and every episode (if we have enough time before I grow old and immobile). This is exactly the type of show with which I want to motivate my son to become a global traveller and hopefully, fuel his wanderlust.

Travel TV: Planet Earth 2 5

One day, I hope I can thank David Attenborough personally for being a part of my desire to travel and understand our wild, wild world.

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