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My Top Teething Tips

August 25, 2017
My Top Teething Tips

My Top Teething Tips

Teething in babies can start as early as three months and continues until all of those pearly whites are in. C is currently teething and he has been whining and screaming like a banshee.

Not only is teething painful for babies but it the whining and drooling is also irritating for us parents.

Teething can also bring sleepless nights, loss of appetite, digestive issues, the need to chew on everything and worst of all, grumpiness. Symptoms can also start days, weeks or even months before a tooth actually shows so it can be a long and painful road.

While we as parents want to fix it, the truth it, we can’t. We can, however, help ease the pain with my favourite all-natural teething tips:

Sophie The Giraffe

My Top Teething Tips - Sophie

You’ve heard of her and she is famous for a reason. Chewing on Sophie’s soft plastic head, neck and hooves seems to provide some relief for teething tots.

Boiron Camilia

My Top Teething Tips - Camilia

Camilia by Boiron is Canada’s top selling medicine on the teething market. It comes in pre-measured unit doses that are easy to carry (I always carry them in my diaper bag), and relieves symptoms including pain, restlessness, irritability and diarrhea due to teething. It is homeopathic and contains no sugar, colouring or preservatives

Gum Massager

My Top Teething Tips - Gum Massager

A gummy teething stick is a good option for when back teeth are coming in, as most teethers can’t reach that far back. Most also have an anti-choking shield which is especially handy when trying to avoid your baby sticking anything too far down their throat and gagging.

A Frozen Washcloth

My Top Teething Tips - Frozen washcloth

It sounds too simple to be true but it works. Throw a wet washcloth in the freezer before giving it to your little one to chew or suck. The cold and the texture will feel great on their sore gums.

Munch Mitt

My Top Teething Tips - Munchmitt

You can avoid constantly picking up a trail of teeth toys with the textured, silicone munch mitt. It straps onto your baby’s hand, protecting their skin from drool and chaffing chewing, while the colours and crinkling sounds keep them entertained. For extra punch, you can throw it in the freezer before you strap it on baby’s hand.

What are your top teething tips?

My Top Teething Tips

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