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Solo (River) Crusin’ in 2016

February 9, 2016

Ready for European river cruisin’ in 2016?

Although relatively new, River Cruising is becoming very popular, especially in Europe where smaller water ways are more common and land is always in sight. River cruises focus on port stops and less on onboard entertainment. This new way of travelling is perfect for those looking to experience cities and landscapes in new and exciting ways.

Consumer Affairs has released a comparative report on the best river cruises in 2016. They compare the different types of river cruises such as seasonal, round trip, one-way and regional. They also review traveller profiles, ship features and itineraries.

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River cruising is seeing a rise in solo travellers, those looking for a more passionate, intimate and adventurous travel experience. How so, you ask?

According to Consumer Affairs, here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. River cruising allows solo travellers social flexibility

River cruises allow for a higher level of personalization than what’s experienced on the 3,000-plus passenger ocean liners. With a small number of passengers, the crew gets to know everyone within the first day. They are particularly focused on knowing (and looking out for) the lone travellers — whether ensuring they are happy with their dining arrangements (solo with another person or at a large table) or making sure he or she has returned safely on board after an excursion.

2. Forget the dreaded ‘Single Supplement’

Savings-savvy cruisers can also keep an eye out for specials aimed at solo travellers. Most river cruise boats have a handful of single cabins for which there is no supplement.

3. River cruises are not, traditionally, family cruises (ie. No kids)

Off-ship excursions are geared towards adults and are more culturally stimulating, history driven and slow paced. Pub crawls, party boats and all-day drinking getaways are exclusive to ocean going mega-ships. An individual traveler can easily immerse themselves in the regional culture and explore “behind the scenes” local destinations.

4. There is safety in numbers – even if that number is ONE

There aren’t a lot of vacation options where you can venture off alone and feel as safe as you will on a river cruise. A river cruise provides many security measures to ensure the wellbeing of their guests. Because there are a smaller number of passengers on river cruises, it’s ideal for the intrepid to feel alone while not actually being alone.

5. Your vacation, your rules

To travel alone is to travel on your own terms. Vacationing shouldn’t be stressful. Solo travel takes the guesswork out of planning your day. You have one goal: to do what you want.

For more information on river cruising, visit:

Solo (River) Crusin’ in 2016

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