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Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

January 10, 2017

Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

A guest article by : A full-time travel family

When I was pregnant, I dreamed of traveling with baby. However, I  did not have any clue how life with a baby would be – let alone traveling to foreign countries with the little thing. So we did not dare to make any plans or book flights. When our baby was seven weeks old, we felt we could give it go and jumped in our car. We drove from Berlin across Germany to Switzerland. Going on a road trip with such a young baby proved to be a great decision choice. We knew we could always turn around and that gave us the self-confidence to travel further. So we traveled further to France, Spain, Portugal and back. When we came back, our baby was 6 months old and saw picturesque European cities, villages and beaches. She was listening to 5 languages and experienced very relaxed and happy parents. Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

Why a road trip with a young baby?

Looking back to the start of our world travel, going on a road trip with a very young baby was the perfect choice. At that age our baby was sleeping in the car a lot, so that driving was not an issue. Because we were never too far from home (max. 3 hour flight), we even had family and friends visiting us during the trip. And we knew that we could be home quickly, if we needed to.

Having space for luggage was very convenient. We took our bulky pram with us. A light buggy was not an option, as babies cannot sit at that age. Moreover, we took our own formula milk with us, as the brands and formulations vary from country to country. Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

Also, we were very flexible. We could explore the areas we stayed in much better. Doing our shopping or getting something particular for the baby etc. was easy.

Why Europe with a young baby?

Europe has high standards of medical care, low rates of communicable diseases and no mosquito borne diseases. That means travel without worries. Through the whole trip our baby was not sick once. We went to a doctor in Spain for routine check ups and follow-up vaccination – that went really well.

The humidity is low and the average temperatures in summer are very pleasant.Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

Finally, there is just so much beauty waiting for you to see and enjoy!

Places we loved most

Our favorite spots were Lagos and Baleal, both in Portugal; and Ronda. Lagos is just a very pretty town right at the stunning coast of the Algarve. And Baleal has just this special little surfer town vibe, that we really enjoyed. Ronda was just incredibly beautiful. It is a Spanish town by the book, with little cobblestone streets, cute cafes and little beautiful squares. On top of all that, there is a breathtaking bridge over a gorge with two waterfalls. The views are unbelievable!

As this first trip went so well, we dared to fly a long distance thereafter. We are now soaking up the sun in Bali, after having explored tropical Thailand and Western Australia. Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

Nappy Nomad: Our World Trip With Baby

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