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My Top Three Reasons Why San Diego Is So Awesome

October 1, 2015

I recently took a media trip to Southern California: Santa Monica – San Diego – Downtown LA. I spent the following week trying to convince my husband that we needed to move there. Immediately.

As you can imagine, I’m not moving to SoCal (yes- I abbreviated Southern California like a local) anytime soon but I thought I would start recording the reasons why California is so great- just in case he changes his mind- and the States change all their healthcare, correctional and overall political policies.

Today, my top three reasons on why San Diego is so awesome.

  1. All the Vitamin DDSC00580

From Uber drivers to retirees to students, everyone in San Diego seems to be in a good mood. Whether a San Diego native or a new import, San Diego-ites (?) LOVE their city. Such happiness seems like fiction until you consider that San Diego has almost 300 days of sunshine every year. It rarely rains and it most definitely does not snow. The weather is hot but not sticky: This weather is conducive to shorts, tee shirts and cute summer dresses all year round.

Retirees flock to La Jolla where cliff side houses and boutique shops face the ocean and the sunsets are so stunning they will make one repent. Students head to UCSD to study medicine in one of the world’s best Universities for genetic research, families work and live in the surrounding suburbs and everyone spends time on the beach. The city is high on the warm fuzzies provided by vitamin D. And everyone looks better with a tan.

2. SurfingNatalie Surfing01

The ocean doesn’t judge. She invites everyone to enjoy her warm rolling waves and exhilarating surf. There is a certain feeling reserved for surfers that is only accessible under the sun and on the ocean. Morning, noon and night you can see all types of people shed their work skin, slide into a wet suit and into the water. Men, women, old, young- Everyone wants to catch the right wave. A great deal of surfing is waiting for that wave…and waiting…and waiting…watching the horizon while gripping the sides of the surf board with anticipation. And once that wave arrives – breathe out- pop up onto your board and surf into shore, the waves carrying you like you’re gliding across the water. Like those who frequent the gym or love to run, San Diego surfs with religious dedication.

Never surfed before? Take an lesson with the FANTASTIC Surf Diva.


3. Cocktails & Craft BeerDSC00661

Although I’m told it officially kicked off about a decade ago, San Diego is home to a huge craft beer and cocktail scene. Some of the country’s most individual and mouthwatering craft beer and cocktail joints can be found in La Jolla Shore, Pacific Beach and the super trendy North Park.  Personally, I loved North Park- It felt very ‘Queen West.’ It had a ‘hip, cool’ vibe and yes, ironically, by using these words, I have proven that I am neither hip nor cool.

With such a close proximity to Mexico, there were a lot of Mezcal based creations, the smoky taste surprisingly mixing perfectly with unique flavoured cocktails like avocado or cajun, and even some craft beer concoctions. From speakeasy style back rooms to Scottish themed whisky bars, even I felt like a cool kid when drinking in San Diego.

Heading to San Diego? Visit Park & Rec (above), Seven Grand and Galaxy Taco.


Stay tuned for more from my Adventures in SoCal (there- I used it again!)

*My Top Three Reasons Why San Diego Is So Awesome

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