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Getting Your Baby A Canadian Passport

January 17, 2017

Getting Your Baby A Canadian Passport

For world travel, you will inevitably need a passport and so will your baby. When I was younger, I travelled on my mother’s passports, both Canadian and United Kingdom. Now, children and infants must have their own passports which lasts for at least 5 years. Personally, I think this is silly. Children change so much from 0 – 5 years that a picture might not remain a reliable form of identification the entire time. For example, as an infant, I looked like a shrivelled Kim Jong Ung but by five, I started to resemble a reasonably cute little munchkin…or so I’m told.

Regardless, rules are rules and your infant will need a passport.

Getting Your Baby A Canadian Passport

You can download the passport application form here and apply either my mail or in person at your nearest passport application office.

You will also need:

Passport Photo

You will need to get your infants passport photo taken at a studio that specializes in infant passport pictures. There are 19 rules and unique specification for passport photos which can make it tricky to get the perfect shot, especially with a baby. Use a commercial photographer who knows the rules and will automatically know what your passport application will require. There are many passport photography options: We chose Wal-Mart but you can also visit Sears or Shopper’s Drug Mart.

If you apply for your child’s passport in person, you can pick it up from a passport office. When you apply, you will receive a receipt and a date for pick up. Alternatively, the passport can be sent to you via mail. It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to recieve your baby’s passport so ensure that you consider that time before planning your first trip with baby.

For more information, visit

Good luck and happy travel planning!

*Photo Courtesy of Onedio

Getting Your Baby A Canadian Passport

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