Summer Heat and Crass Cat Calls

July 17, 2012

Ah summer! The temperature goes up, as do our hem lines. Us ladies embrace the opportunity to show off our pins and strut our colours like a horny peacock. It’s the season to be noticed…whether you like it or not.


The only trouble with wearing the jean shorts my boyfriend loves so much, is that it also attracts the attention of a less savoury kind, most often seen in construction workers, men in trucks, and more recently, teenage boys with low hats and even lower pants.


 Somewhere throughout evolution, men must have been rewarded by whistling and yelling obscene things at women. Women of all shapes and sizes, colour and creed are plagued by this same irritating practice, despite the proven fact that hooting and hollering does not get you laid. Whoever it DID work on, I would like to meet her and thank her for the incessant honking that follows me home.


But how do you get them to stop? I could stop and pull the ‘Imagine I was your daughter or sister or mother!’ card, but then I will probably be called something else…(it rhymes with snitch). I thought about wearing a burka, but a) I would be much too hot and b) even this get up comes with it’s own set of issues.


The conclusion? I don’t know. I’m not going to stop wearing shorts and the male species will not stop being obnoxious. I have, however, stopped wearing skirts on a breezy day, as one older man had a heart attack when my leopard print brazilian bottoms went on display. I guess the only solution is to continue feigning temporary deafness.

Yes, gentlemen. I can hear you, but I’m ignoring you.


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