‘Re-Meeting’ and Rekindling

September 12, 2012

Recently, old friends have been making surprise re-appearances in my life. People who once played a significant part of my life, separated by circumstance, are arriving again. Reunited, we insist on staying in touch, rekindling what we once have….which we all know is hard as soon as life gets in the way.


I’ve lived a transient adulthood, and thus, my friendships have suffered this same existence. That being said, there are certain people who at some point have made a significant impact in my life. I admit, I forgot them, failing to conduct the necessary legwork to maintain our often long distance relationship.  

Two people in particular have resurfaced in my life recently that I refuse to let go again.

My childhood bff, (yes – we had broken heart necklaces and a tin can phone between our bedrooms), is now living in Toronto; she is as wonderful as I remember and I am over the moon to have found her once again.

Secondly, an older sister type is living a mere 2 hour flight away in NYC and although I only got her for a few hours last week, she is someone who I know I want back in my life.

 (I am of course making the assumption that these feelings are mutual)

‘Re-meeting’ these two very special people made me think of all the other special friendships in my life that I have let go, and those current ones that I do not want to suffer the same fate.  Good friendships are hard to find and even harder to maintain.

On that note,  you’ll have to excuse me…I have a few phone calls to make….

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