Natty Juices…Boozeless: Day 2

October 15, 2014

‘If this cleanse doesn’t make you feel better, will you say it does anyway?‘ asked my fiance as we got into bed last night, both a tiny bit grumpy from day one.

No!’ I insisted. 

‘Cause you hate kale! And you hate people who LOVE kale! And juicing! You think it is hippy nonsense,’ he teased. 

‘I know, I know,’ I muttered. ‘But part of me is curious and I wonder if maybe those crazy hippies are onto something. If I don ‘t feel ‘better’ at the end of the week, I will throw my hands up and go back to rolling my eyes at people with beards and high waisted jeans.’ 

And so I spent yesterday chopping, blending, juicing and making the recommended vegetable/garlic/water soup for the rest of the week. I’ve tried to convince myself that the putrid colour of wheatgrass powder does not affect the taste and that liquid kale is not THAT offensive.

Needless to say, last night I dreamed of a thick juicy burger with cheese, bacon alongside a glass of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. 

This morning, I woke up and and prepped juices for both my fiance and I. He looked pained as I put his ‘smoothie’ in front of him. (‘This doesn’t deserve to be called a smoothie,’ he snarled)


Morning: Super Green Detox Juice




Snack: Tea/ Cucumbers




Lunch: Avacado + Super Green Salad




Snack: Super Green Detox Smoothie

IMG 3715



Dinner: Vegetable/Water Soup


(Looks appetizing, eh?)


How do I feel so far? 

I have a bit of a headache and I’m feeling slightly irritable. As I write this blog, I am visualizing a strong dark coffee and a beautifully bold BIG glass of red, red wine. I am not hungry but the cravings are getting to me. My energy isn’t great and I think I’m unconsiously giving people dirty looks- Other drivers beware!

I don’t think my fiance is feeling to hot either to be honest. 

But apparently this is normal: Our bodies are ridding themselves of toxins and other ‘bad things.’ It will take our bodies a few days to stop craving stimulants and begin to feel clean and nourished. Apparently by the time we are done, we will crave the superfoods and greens that will get us through this cleanse- (…But only if these greens can also go on pizza, I think). 


So the juicing challenge continues.


Stay tuned….If you dare.



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