Mirvish Brings Down the House with ‘Tap Dogs’

September 26, 2012

As seen in Cadence Magazine

Mirvish Brings Down the House with ‘Tap Dogs’

It’s easy to see why Tap Dogs has been running for over a decade, winning international choreography awards, Tony’s, and more. Put simply, Tap Dogs is six guys tap dancing on everything, with everything; superbly.

At first, one wonders how 80 minutes of tap will hold your attention, but every piece becomes more unique, unexpected, more challenging, bringing the speechless audience to the edge of their seats. The performers seemed to love every moment of the show, laughing, playfully taunting each other, and interacting with the audience who responded with whistles, whoops, and applause.

The set is bare bones, a collection of industrial materials, which the dancers utilized to create a variety of rhythms and sounds. The dancers also acted as stagehands, their only accompaniment a single (very talented) guy on percussion. They establish personas, (the jock, the joker, the kid, the mentor, the brut, the cool guy), all dressed in street clothes, chewing gum, and sporting stubble.

Every beat, every step, every breath, was relevant. Perfectly synchronized, they tapped on ladders, on wood, on drums, with basketballs, metal grinders and water, even tapping on the ceiling. They tapped on scaffolding, maintaining uniformity and artistry while constructing the piece themselves, every sound of the assembly contributing to the intricate rhythms. It was truly the perfect amalgamation of rhythm, creativity, dauntlessness, and passion, culminating in a production of pure genius.

Whether you love dance or not, Tap Dogs is a must see. The show is an experience unlike any other; six extremely talented men surpass any expectation you had of tap dance. But the show will not be here long- They are 2 days into their 1 week stay in Toronto and tickets are going fast. If I haven’t relayed the necessity of seeing this show, let me put it in layman’s terms: Go see this show!!!! Now!!!!

Buy your tickets at: www.mirvish.com

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