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And Yes, We Found Nemo

December 30, 2017
And Yes, We Found Nemo

And Yes, We Found Nemo

I’d like to say that my fascination with the underwater world wasn’t fuelled by Finding Nemo but that would probably be a lie. Being under the water and being able to associate names, story lines and voices with the creatures under the sea makes it feel like I am part of their world (See what I did there- Little Mermaid reference). Since my first real underwater adventure in the Gulf of Thailand about 15 years ago, I have loved to scuba dive, snorkel and explore the colourful, magical water under the waves. I am excited by every chance I have to do it again.And Yes, We Found Nemo


And Yes, We Found Nemo beach club

On our latest trip to Royalton Riviera Cancun, Sunwing Vacations’ tour company, Nexus Tours, arranged for us to spend a few hours snorkelling through the crystal clear waters of the Puerto Morelos National Park. We were driven to a beach club, a private little oasis on the water with loungers and hammocks, a bar, a restaurant and of course, everything one would need for a snorkel adventure. We got our fins, masks and a quick briefing before hopping on our boat and heading out to the reef.

And Yes, We Found Nemo Prep

The waters of the Mexican Caribbean sea are stunning and the marine life we encountered was equally as enthralling. The Puerto Morelos National Park is a protected reef that stretches along the coast of Riviera Maya with many different species, colours and shape of fish. From small silver fish darting in and out of seaweed to needle-nosed lurkers, from colourful angel fish to ones practicing the art of camouflage, there was always something to see. Both my husband and I were in awe of the sparkling flashes of colour and how oblivious they were to our intrusion into their world.

And Yes, We Found Nemo Underwater

After visiting two different and equally exciting snorkel sites, the boat brought us back to shore where we enjoyed a delicious Mexican lunch topped off with a Dos Equis…or two. We lounged in the hammocks and enjoyed a nap in the shade of a big green palm tree – We did a lot of napping on this trip.

And Yes, We Found Nemo Natty & mark


It was a beautiful day under the sea (Yes- Another aquatic Disney reference) and we are so glad that we tore ourselves away from our cabana to get out an explore the world around us. Together.

And Yes, We Found Nemo Underwater


…And Yes, We Found Nemo

*This excursion was sponsored by Sunwing Vacations who did not pre-approve this post

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  • Reply Solmaz January 2, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    It looks sooooo beautiful!! I also fell in love with marine life in Thailand. Koh Tao was one of my first memorable snorkels. No Nemo though 🙂

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