Wine of the Week: Leaning Post Riesling VQA

February 15, 2015
Wine of the Week: Leaning Post Riesling

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My hands and feet have been cold for the past month and my inability to raise my core temperature means that at the moment, I tend to drink reds instead of cool whites. So when I hosted a double date dinner and my guest kindly brought me Leaning Post Riesling VQA, I shivered at the thought of popping this bottle of white.

‘It’s really good,’ she assured me. ‘I bought it as soon as I tasted it and I know that you will love it.’

While I doubted that I would open this wine before April (aka. when the weather hits at least 15 degrees), I also wasn’t sure if this wine would be the surefire hit my friend had predicted.

I went through a Riesling phase, a time in my life when my wine choices were sweeter than they are now. And yes, although not all Rieslings are super sweet, my last experience with this varietal was so full of sugary awfulness that it put me right off.

On Sunday nights, my husband and I cook Indian curries and try to ‘out spice’ each other- (I know, I know: It’s painfully domestic). Everyone knows (and my apologies if you did not) that the perfect wine for a spicy curry is either a Riesling or a Gewurztraminer. It only made sense that we put the red aside and decided to crack the Leaning Post.

Leaning Post Riesling is officially my new go-to of this varietal. From a Niagara winery of the same name, this vineyard was founded in 2009 by a very passionate young couple from Winnipeg who are devoted to making good wine.

This Riesling is unique, textured and downright delicious. It is ripe, energized and focused, the sugar was balanced beautifully with the acidity. Right away, I could taste peach, grapefruit and a hint of lime. This wine tasted like the end of a hot, ‘coming of age,’ satisfying summer, to be enjoyed with a knowing smile. You can taste the love and passion that has gone into this wine.

I highly recommend picking up this wine. It is not yet available at the LCBO but is available online here: www.leaningpostwines.com.

If you’re planning on buying a case, I’m definitely in!


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