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WIMS VIDEO: Abreva Cold Sore Cream

February 2, 2016

Let’s get real: cold sores are the worst.

There has been one too many times that I’ve been caught with a cold sore while on the road. After a very embarrassing cold sore explosion on my FIRST EVER television experience in England, I decided that I needed to have a real solution on hand.

Since then, I have always travelled with a tube of abreva® in my carry on. A little dab of white cream on the side of my mouth is always a better option than a cold sore on display – one tube of Abreva provides real value and goes a long way to speed healing those nasty beasts from the very first tingle.

That is why it is ALWAYS in my suitcase.

*This post was sponsored by abreva®, but all opinion expressed are my own

WIMS: Abreva Cold Sore Cream

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