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TRAVEL TV: Outlander

December 11, 2017
TRAVEL TV: Outlander 1

TRAVEL TV: Outlander

I will be honest- I was avoiding Outlander for years. The show’s description of a women who ‘travels through time’ really put me off. Previously, I avoided the science fiction genre like the plague and even now, the closest I get to science fiction is Black Mirror or Stranger Things. Time travel felt a little too nerdy, even for me. But when I saw Outlander arrive on Netflix, I decided to give it a try. TRAVEL TV: Outlander

Wow. Let me assure you that Outlander is anything but nerdy.


Travel tv: outlander

Here is the synopsis in a nutshell (keep in mind I am only one season in): Set in 1945, our heroine, Claire Randall, suddenly finds herself transported to Scotland 1743 in the heart of a conflict between the English Redcoats and the Scottish Highlanders. Throughout an attempt to stay alive and navigate the civil unrest, she falls in love with and marries a young (very good looking) Scot named Jamie. They are drawn to one another with an animal magnetism, their chemistry and passion making for some electric love scenes- The kind that one daydreams about while doing mundane household chores or yearns for while listening to your a partner snore….again.


With Claire’s historical knowledge of the United Kingdom and Europe from the future, she tries to keep her husband and respective clan safe from inevitable strife.


Unless you are up to date on your Scottish history and culture, this show may teach you a thing or two about Scotland’s attitude toward the English and their historical fight for independence. In the 18th Century, throughout a fight for separation in the unforgiving wind, rain and snow of the Scottish Highlands, lives are expendable, women are possessions and pride is a sustaining force. Scottish clansmen battle for their land, their homes and their dignity while the English fight for power, ownership and the crown. The historical significance is huge and the screenwriters do a fantastic job of capturing the Scottish struggle and drawing intense empathy from their audience.


The landscapes on this show are beautiful: rolling hills, towering castles, woodlands that play with both darkness and light. It is funny at times, but always interesting, captivating and engaging- Did I mention those love scenes yet? Outlander truly transports you the world of 18th century Scotland.

For a taste of classic Scotland, pour yourself a whisky, turn on Outlander and travel (time travel) without even leaving the couch.

TRAVEL TV: Outlander

*images courtesy of Netflix

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