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VIDEO: Sailing Journey Through the Caribbean with Artec

April 12, 2016

Sailing Journey Through the Caribbean with Artec

I have always been in love with the Caribbean.

It is my dream to one day own a home there, create an explorers guide to the Caribbean and most importantly, connect the unique and exciting individual attributes of each an every island with Canadians nationwide.

Until my Project Caribbean, I bring you a trip to revered and marvelled, captured on film by a talented creative force that fuels my passion for the islands to a point where I tingle with excitement.

Artec Media’s sensational team brings us on a beautiful journey through the Caribbean in their latest video through the epic Exumas and Barbados: You can follow the picturesque and awe inspiring adventure here:

Sailing Journey Through the Caribbean with Artec 

About Artec

Artec is an artist and media specialist based in Miami, FL. He works as a photographer, filmmaker, music producer, designer, DJ/Producer, social media expert, and aerial-shot wizard (According to Elle Magazine).

Artec Media is a lifestyle brand focused on manifesting the creative vision of Artec to develop original media packages that include video production, photography, design, music production, and social media campaigns. Artec strongly believes when artistic creativity and innovative technology come together, the results are nothing short of spectacular. The brand strives to inspire people to create memories by taking them around the globe and sharing the story via Artec’s productions.

Sailing Journey Through the Caribbean with Artec

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*Images courtesy of Artec Media

Sailing Journey Through the Caribbean with Artec

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