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You Must Get A New Car Seat

May 5, 2017

You Must Get A New Car Seat

Last month, I was in a car accident. Nothing serious- both the baby and I were okay- but my car was damaged enough that I couldn’t drive it away from the scene. I knew that tears wouldn’t help so I did my best to stay calm and figure out what to do next. You Must Get A New Car Seat

I took a deep breath (the deepest) and called CAA for a tow to the nearest collision centre. Next, I called my insurance company to report the accident, arrange a rental car and the repair of my car. The baby cried but I think it was out of fear more than anything else. He wanted to be held which was difficult as I bounced from phone call to phone call, to the other driver’s car and back, all in the freezing cold. I wasn’t at fault so my premiums didn’t rise but there was still a lot of admin to be completed post incident. It was overwhelming, if I’m honest, but my biggest concern was making sure baby was happy, healthy and safe.

After speaking with my insurance company, I learned that I needed a new car seat. I didn’t think that it was necessary at first but they strongly suggested that I purchase a new one immediately. It’s hard to tell what has happened to the structure of a car seat after an accident, even if no visible damage is showing. If a car seat has been in an accident, regardless of the severity, you must get a new car seat. 

I loved my car seat. We had the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 and I couldn’t imagine life without it. Plus, the car seat had done its job and I felt confident in it now more than ever. Yes, I loved the sexiness of the seat… well as sexy as a car seat can be, but with its focus on safety and Energy absorbing EPS lined shell that enhances protection, it was a must have for us. The Primo Viaggio 4-35 also weighs just 8.8 pounds, making it easy to manoeuvre. The seat base even has a “Right Tight” system, which allows for effortless fitting with either the UAS strap or the vehicle’s seat belt. It also includes a built-in anti-rebound bar for increased protection- So you can see why I loved it.

I wanted the exact same car seat and I knew where to go. I frantically called Snuggle Bugz Stockyards the next morning and spewed down the phone about my accident and the insurance/logistical admin I had dealt with post collision. Finally, I got to my point and asked if they had the car seat in stock. The friendly sales associate said they did and immediately listed the different styles that they had in stock. When I paused (who knows the names of car seat styles?) she described each style to me along with their prices and features. I chose one (black leather, of course) and asked when I could come pick it up.

“Whenever you like,” she replied. “We will have it ready to go and we can help load it into the car… And if you need help confirming the seat fits in the vehicle, we can help with that too and recommend some great resources to assist you with a correct install.”

Luckily, I didn’t need to repurchase the car seat adaptors for my Stroller but I thought I would check out a few additional Bugaboo accessories while I was there.

Sure enough, when I arrived at the store, they had the car seat ready and waiting, although I did take some time to peruse the many other car seat options.

The sales associate knew who I was (I guess I have a distinct voice?) and she asked how the baby and I were doing after our accident. She listened politely as I spilled my guts again.  She asked if there were any additional pieces of ‘proof of purchase’ or receipt documentation that I needed for insurance and offered to take the car seat out to my rental car.

When we got home, we cut the straps on our old car seat (as directed by the insurance company to ensure nobody would attempt to reuse the damaged carseat) and installed the new one. A week later I got my repaired car back, returned the rental and moved on with my life.

Getting into a car accident, especially with a little one, is overwhelming. The collision itself is frightening and the follow up insurance details and logistics can be challenging. Luckily, I had a fantastic experience with my insurance company, rental car agency and Snuggle Bugz. I am very grateful to the sales associate who listened to me natter on about my accident even though I’m sure she had something other things to do. The most important thing is that my son is safe and a car seat is a huge part of that. Thanks for your help, Snuggle Bugz!

You Must Get A New Car Seat

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