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When Only a Massage at the Shangri La Will Do

September 20, 2016

The last few weeks of pregnancy are tough. Your tummy is stretched to the max and feels very, very heavy. Your bladder and pelvis are suffering some serious pressure which transfers itself into your legs, lower back, feet…which may or may not have blown up into something resembling Shrek feet. You can’t get comfortable, haven’t slept in weeks and everyday, something makes you cry.

Unless, of cpurse,  you are one of the lucky ones like my friend, Elaine (of Elaine Loves), and sail through pregnancy with a glow and minimal nasty symptoms. Regardless, we both decided that we needed some prenatal care and we knew just where to go.

When Only a Massage at the Shangri La Will Do

During these final few weeks time where seconds, minutes and days drag like a useless limb, not much feels better than being spoiled, pampered and massaged. And there are few places I’d rather be spoiled, pampered and massaged than the luxurious Miraj Hammam Spa by Claudalie Paris at the stunning Shangri La Hotel.

Wednesday mornings are best spent with friends @shangrilato spa enjoying the final quiet days of pre motherhood with a custom #prenatal massage. #mamatobe #39weeks

I have always adored the Shangri La Hotel Lobby Bar with warm, inviting fireplaces, live jazz and a bar menu that appeases any thirst with the finest wines, scotches and more. My expectations for the spa were high and I can honestly say that every detail was met and surpassed. From the moment we entered the spa till the second that we left, we were attended to but not intruded on, well loved but not smothered. Grapes and Tea at Miraj Hammam Spa

We bumped into a few other mothers-to-be also looking for some relief and they concurred that yes, we had all come to the right place. We enjoyed soothing prenatal massages that relieved every sore muscle, every knot and found every tender spot that needed some love and attention. Elaine and I left feeling calmed, relaxed and ready to face another day of pregnancy.

Fountain Miraj Hammam Spa

Natalie and Elaine at the Spa


Selfie at the Spa

Whether it is a random Wednesday afternoon, Mother’s Day or Pre-Mother’s Day/Random Wednesday afternoon, I highly recommend making to visit the Miraj Hammam Spa by Claudalie Paris at the Shangri La Hotel.

When Only a Massage at the Shangri La Will Do

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