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Keeping Baby Safe As He Grows

September 4, 2017
Keeping Baby Safe As He Grows

Keeping Baby Safe As He Grows

C is busy. He is growing and changing so much. As we get closer to his first birthday, I want to cuddle and snuggle him even more- I don’t want him to stop being my baby. He is cruising on the back of whatever he can get his hands on (including the dog) which is exciting but also frightening. His little head gets closer to table edges, he gets closer to stairs and everything goes in his mouth. I want to give him the protection he needs and make sure this little man, my baby boy, stays safe and sound. This means that my day-to-day essentials have changed slightly from when he is was a newborn who stayed in one place. Keeping Baby Safe As He Grows

Huggies ‘Little Snugglers‘ Diapers

Baby On The Move Essentials diapers

Whether he is a newborn or eleven months old, so many of our diaper practices have stayed the same. I often depend on the wetness indicator to let me know when it is time for a diaper change. This is essential to keeping his little bum clean and rash free. Also, Huggies Little Snugglers diapers have gentle liners and a fantastic pocketed waistband that keeps all the mess inside the diaper and not around the house.

Baby Gates

Baby On The Move Essentials baby gate

Whether it is going up the stairs or falling down the stairs, (or simply just keeping wandering hands from the dog’s food bowl), baby gates are essential for keeping my little man safe from possibly fatal falls. 

Outlet Covers

Baby On The Move Essentials outlet covers

Curious fingers seem to find the most hazardous places in the house. Outlets are one of them. As fast and attentive as I like to think I am, C will inevitable find the millisecond that I’m not watching him to stick his finger in a socket. Outlet covers as beyond essential.

Baby Wipes

Baby On The Move Essentials Huggies natural care wipes

My preference is still Huggies Natural Care wipes as they are paraben and alcohol free with a touch of aloe and vitamin E. They are soft and and gentle, and most importantly can handle sticky fingers, food covered faces and mucky bums. I always carry them in my diaper bag so wherever we are, I can make sure C is fresh and clean. Keeping Baby Safe As He Grows

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  • Reply The Curious Creature August 30, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    I need all of these in my life soon!!! L is starting to roll. Good diapers that stay in place are a must.

  • Reply Elaine August 30, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Such a fun stage isn’t it? I REALLY want to see C cruising on the dog LOL!

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