Kaiken Wines: A Taste of Structure & Sensuality

October 26, 2015

As a relentless traveller, I know that exploring new countries often leads to falling in love the people and culture of your temporary home. But if that area just happens to consist of stunning terroir and viticulture…. and you just happen to be an innovative winemaker and founder of Montes Wines in Chile then it’s no surprise that a new winery was born. After touring the beautiful Mendoza region, Aurelio Montes Jr was inspired to launch Kaiken, a series of premium Argentinian wines. Kaiken is named after a species of Patagonian goose (Kaikenes), which much like the adventurous winemaker himself would flutter between Argentina and Chile.

While I haven’t had a chance to explore the vineyards at the base of the Andes (….yet) I did have the chance to sample a number of the Kaiken wines produced from the famed Mendoza region.

The Standout: Kaiken Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon truly lives up to its name; showcasing the Montes clan’s knowledge of creating high-end wines and that the Mendoza region is more than just mountains and Malbec. The long finish and balanced tannins scream to be paired with beef sirloin and serious notes of black fruits offset its tremendous structure with an element of sensuality.

Apparently Chile just wasn’t big enough for the Montes family! Argentina’s Mendoza region is top destination for wine tourism, even for seasoned winemakers.

Kaiken Wines: A Taste of Structure & Sensuality

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