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Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

February 7, 2017

Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

To travel with child, or not to travel with child? That really is the question.

After spending the first year of his life contemplating this question, I said ‘sod it’ let’s do it. The trip was going to be our honeymoon but then I decided I wanted to try the child out and we took him with us. What a great accolade for his travel journals, that his first ever trip abroad was to the Maldives!

I had seen a lot of other travelling family blogs and social profiles and built up my confidence to embark on this trip. Being located on an island for 12 days with no options for a quick dash to the local shop for supplies, I really had to think through the packing list. I managed to find some great solutions to my every day needs, purchased them on Amazon and hoped that I had enough nappies! Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

All packed, we arrive at the airport – unscathed. Child is in good spirits and ready to see what the day has in-store for him. I ensured we had plenty of time at the airport for official bits as well as last minute child surprises. We only had one, which was the emptying of entire water beaker on his clothes! We had enough time for a bite, leg stretch in the terminal play centre and fill up of the milk flask. We board. I am in official militant supermama mode and the fight attendant sees this. He tells me to take out the milk bottle, a toy and sit down until take-off, after which he will help me with the bags. He also assures me that travelling will get easier and I am in love with this man! Husband on the other hand is holding child but not helping in other ways. He is unwell and so a bit slow which is adding to my heightening anxiety levels! Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

Child falls asleep for 20 whole minutes then stays awake for the rest of the 6 hours 20 mins to Doha. I didn’t have the patience for him so we walked him around, let strangers talk to and hold him, feed him, milk him, play with him and nothing exhausted him. On arrival to Doha, we managed to quickly get off the plane, change nappy and have a good crawl about before the next 4 hour plane journey. This is where we got lucky, he feel asleep! Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

On arrival to the Maldives, passport control and baggage claim were swift as was our transfer by speedboat to the island. Child loved it! He was looking at everything, soaking it all in and we were just glad to have finally completed the flights and looked forward to getting to our resort.

As we arrived at the resort, child was extremely bemused, it could have been the heat, the surroundings, the people, the frightening speed boat ride or just that we were in the happy zone! When we reached our room I started to unpack essentials and then head off to explore a little and climatise before having a nap each to recoup a little. We are on all-inclusive board as there aren’t any other options for dining which suits me just fine for this first trip (the less I have to think about, the better). I am a drill sergeant with nap times, especially with the Husband and ensure we make it for lunch and dinner. The first two days are nice and chilled whilst we all get on Maldives time and then the rest are awesome relaxed days by the pool, snorkelling in the sea, meeting lots of great people and enjoying a number of firsts. Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

The child has now learned to clap his hands, develop more of his baby vocabulary thanks to boats, sea planes, trees and fish. We feed the sharks, see Dolphins at breakfast, watch bats fly around the island, see the sunset and the moon rise. He swims for the first time (with floats) and enjoys the delights of the buffets. Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

At baby naptime, we get some much needed alone time and respite to the deck on our over water suite or catch up on Netflix. We enjoy after dinner drinks with fellow honeymooners who swoon over child and even give us a break in the evenings by entertaining him. Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

All in all, our first ever family vacay is a compete and utter success. Not only is it a joy to spend so much time with each other (and actually enjoy it) but it instills in me the confidence to do it again and soon. Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

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Frankly Fab Mama: Our Trip To The Maldives

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