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Doing Good While Looking Good: 100% Natural Wood JORD Watch

November 26, 2015

When someone asks you the time, and you instinctively reach for your iPhone despite the watch on your wrist, it’s an indicator of at least one thing…you haven’t found the right arm candy. There is something so romantic about the notion of checking your wrist for the time, and that’s why fashion has turned back to the watch.


If you want to do good while looking good, check out JORD watches. Travelling gives you a heightened appreciation of nature; that’s why it’s so important that JORD watches are handcrafted out of 100% all natural, totally sustainable wood.

Mens watch wedding JORD

Mine is made of untamed Zebrawood with a stunning turquoise face; that reminds of the crystal blue waters of some of my favourite beaches and the fascinating stripes of a Zebra on the savannah.Jord blue

JORD is not just for ladies. JORD’s classic men’s styles are sharp and sexy with a unique rustic feel. My husband also sports the zebrawood (because his wife is a ‘zebra-baby’) finished with luscious dark Sandalwood. And because no two trees are alike you never have to have a “who wore it better” moment at a party because each watch is as individual as the wearer.Seamlessly blending nature and style these watches are refined enough for the office but eco-friendly enough that your hippy friends will support your choice.

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Ladies Wood Watch

Doing Good While Looking Good: 100 Natural Wood JORD Watch

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