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Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch

March 23, 2017
My Top 3 Family Winter Getaways Fort Myers

Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch

I don’t know if people actually say ‘cinch’ anymore but for me, a 90’s child, it seemed like the perfect word to describe how particular baby gear made my baby’s first vacation a successful one. Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch

By mid February my spirits have often sunk and I need a good hit of vitamin D to make me feel whole again. Add a sprinkle of crying baby and a heap of sleeplessness to create the ultimate ‘woman in need of a vacation.’ So this past month, my husband, son and I headed to Fort Myers, Florida to spend some time with my in laws, watch some spring training baseball (Go Jays Go!) and soak up some well deserved sun. Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch

We headed to Snuggle Bugz to prepare for our journey down south. As I mentioned in my article on Traveling with Baby, my husband and I packed light with a City Tour by Baby Jogger travel stroller and Tula carrier instead of our beloved Bugaboo Cameleon (which we live in at home). We only packed one suitcase, which we checked with our son’s car seat. Without a doubt, this is what we will do next time we travel. Both the stroller and the carrier made navigating the beaches, shops and restaurants of South West Florida a cinch (Ha!).

The City Tour by Baby Jogger is so light (14lbs!) and compact. The whole stroller actually fits inside a backpack carry bag, which fit perfectly inside an airplane overhead compartment. The seat reclines to a near flat position, which meant that our little one could nap as we toured. The UV 50+ sun canopy includes a built-in canopy extension and a mesh peek-a-boo window that completely covered the baby. It created near ideal conditions for catnaps and general sun protection. The basket underneath the stroller is a great size for storing cameras, diaper bags and well-deserved Mummy sized bottles of wine. Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch

Our son loved being able to watch the world go by and his grandparents loved how easy it was to lift in and out of car to proudly wheel their grandson around the city.

Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch

When we weren’t using the stroller, we were using our Tula carrier. I love the Tula. We’ve been using the Tula carrier since our son was born. Until recently, we used the infant insert to keep him lifted and safe but he has graduated to an insert free life. The Tula has gained a bit of a cult following in California and I 100% get it. I can put it on all by myself (very handy) and it is both comfortable and supportive for both my son and I. Ideal if one is spending the day wandering South West Florida’s outlet stores.

As with many mothers, I like to think that Mummy-hood and trends can go hand in hand- this also applies to my baby gear. So along with many fashionable prints, the Tula is also Hand-made from 100% OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified canvas, which I can throw it in the washing machine, should we find any unexplained stains and/or ‘poop-splosions.’ Most importantly, the Tula provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body whether I am wearing it on my front or on my back.

I also love the optional hood on the Tula. This worked perfectly for us, especially at the Twins v. Blue Jays baseball game when I wanted to keep the sun off of his head as he napped.

Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinc

I could also breastfeed in this carrier which was perfect when we spent the day away from the condo sightseeing or playing at the beach, and my boy needed a mobile comfort zone to relax and retreat to.

Finally, between the pool and the beach, our baby boy needed a swim diaper and which better than a proudly Canadian AppleCheeks swim diaper? The AppleCheeks has adjustable straps on his waist and thighs for snug fit. There was no way I wanted my kid to be the perpetrator of the poop in the pool!

Thankfully, this swim diaper was soft, didn’t hold water, stick to the sand and dried quickly, which made pool to poolside naps an easy transition. Also, he looked very, very cute in this swim diaper, which is perhaps the most important.

We’re back now and it’s cold- I’m cold-but I can’t wait for our next adventure somewhere hot. I don’t feel nearly as anxious about travelling as I did, the fear of overwhelming baby gear weighing me down. I feel like the journey is manageable and I dare say, enjoyable.

Having the right baby gear is key to making baby travel a cinch.

You can find all of these items at any Snuggle Bugz location and/or find them online at

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Baby Gear To Make Family Travel A Cinch


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    To travel with a baby is a good thing because it doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home until baby grows.

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