Writer’s Block: A serious disease

June 1, 2011

As a student, I have spent endless hours watching the cursor flash in the top left hand corner of the computer screen while a blinding slate of white stares back at me. Although I have tried to label this ‘writer’s block,’ I am afraid my ‘watching’ is just mere procrastination. It is only now, as I attempt to actually write something decent (be it a script or short story), that I fully understand the sheer agony of the infamous writer’s block.


I can only compare this affliction to standing on the edge of a ten story building, a cold, dark oblivion before me and a massive red brick wall behind me….and I have a migraine. I must make a move before time runs out…but where? What move? How do I make it? What is my motivation?


Scripts and stories: I don’t know where to begin. Ideas come and go faster than the Maple Leaf’s play off dreams at the start of every season. I can’t decided on a subject, plot, even characters. The clock ticks loudly in my ear. Switch to facebook (nothing of significance has happened…shock horror). Back to blank screen. Check bbm. No one has messaged me. Check twitter? No! I MUST write. I continue to stew in my vat of self pity and emptiness. Check facebook one more time….


And so I continue to stare at my blank screen, time running away from me and frustration nesting comfortably within my soul. Nothing. I have nothing (Isn’t that a song by Whitney Houston?).


With absolutely jack all else to say, I hereby present Eminem who will serenade you with his own version of ‘writer’s block.’

Take it away, Marshall!



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