Wine of the Week: Apothic Dark

November 17, 2014

As seen on Girls of TO

 Before I say anything else, let me say that the Apothic Dark label is obscurely beautiful. Not unlike the wine itself, it is gothic, mysterious, even brooding: Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne would be proud.

I had heard of Apothic Dark from friends, some likening it to the sweetness of Port while the other compared it to E&J Gallo’s Carnivor, another weighty red. With my own personal preconceptions of Apothic Red (a lot of juicy, red fruit that becomes a bit too sweet after glass number two), I tried to stay as diplomatic as possible as we opened a bottle of Apothic Dark.

From Modesta, California, this heavy red is a blend of Petite Syrah, Teroldego and Cabernet. An inky purple colour tasting of dark fruit and blackberry, Apothic Dark is weighty yet smooth and smoky with a hint of coffee and dark chocolate.

Winemaker Boyd Morrison describes the wine as “…bold, captivating Apothic blends, using only the most distinctive California grapes.  From vintage to vintage…the character and flavour of the individual varietals guide the shape of each blend.” 

Halfway through a cheese and charcuterie board, my friends and I finished off the bottle. “That was good,’ remarked a previously doubtful friend while the rest of us nodded and smacked our lips in an attempt to remove some of the wines cottony, lingering finish. But this wine needs more than just a cheese board.

Apothic Dark is a bold and hearty red wine: the perfect winter wine to be enjoyed with a juicy steak, BBQ’d ribs or some herb & garlic goat cheese. As the temperature drops, the more Ontarians turn to reds and this one should not be an exception.

The only issue? This wine is limited edition and will not be on the shelves for long. Make sure you pick up a bottle (and a New York Sirloin) before it is too late!

Apothic Dark is available at the LCBO for $15.95


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