The Prodigal Daughter

February 1, 2012


I figured it was about time that I wrote a blog. So much has happened in my life since I last decided to sling my intellectual vomit onto the world wide web. My other half and I have been, and continue to be in, the process of building our first home together…in Canada. (It’s already built…we are just changing it and metaphorically building the foundation of our lives, blah blah blah). 

 Throughout this HGTV worthy renovation, I am also neck deep in my final term at Uni and working at a very busy, high energy restaurant in central London called MEATliquor. (Despite one’s immediate assumption that this is an extremely risque strip joint, this is actually London’s hottest venue serving the best burgers ever. The restaurant is a permanent version of #MeatEasy. For my amorous thoughts on #MeatEasy, please see blog entitled Bye Bye Burgerettes) I have, however, booked my one way ticket back to Toronto (next month!), finally establishing an end to my 9 years in London. Hooray!

All in all, as predicted, 2012 is looking like a very promising year!


Amidst my struggle to balance an often overlapping work, Uni, sleep and bleak social life, I have realized that despite my developed apathy toward London’s nightlife, my abhor for the weather, the evolution of my contempt toward tourists, crowds, public transportation, pigeons and anyone that walks less than 25 mph, I have been in London for a long time and for that long time, it was my city, my home. Here, in this nucleus of culture, innovation and beauty, I have spent almost nine years becoming the adult that I am today- (feel free to assess that comment as you will).


At the risk of delving into the gooey, dark pit of nostalgia, it’s been emotional- a rollercoaster, if you will. I have had the opportunity to interact with a whole host of people, injecting myself for periods, (some more brief than others), in every level of the ever important English class system and interacting with the ever eccentric characters. I have had some fabulous jobs, been part of some amazing events and have seen some beautiful places. Among many other things, I have learned how to speak Thai, hail a cab, that everyone must wear sunscreen in Nigeria no matter how ‘black’ you think you are, knit, how to blag my way into the Royal Circle at Royal Ascot, not to dip your nib in the office ink, how to blag my way into private members clubs, and somehow, how to blag myself speaking roles in feature films (Considering my acting ability, that last one will floor you). Although I am only just finishing my ‘official degree,’ I feel as though my ‘London’ education supersedes the hollow qualification on that elusive piece of paper.


So this departure is bitter sweet. Although my heart is in Toronto, boarding that plane home will leave behind a monumental part of me. I will leave behind some special places, precious memories and some very special people. (Luckily, I won’t go any further into that squidgy mess- if you believe you are a ‘special person,’ expect a letter as not to inflict soppiness on anyone else.) 


Sometimes I chuckle at the irony (I also chuckle when someone trips in the street…I’m a horrible person), realizing that it took me almost nine years, a world tour and a long stint in the city of all cities to discover that everything I could ever want or need was in Canada, waiting for me, the entire time.  


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