Obama vs Osama

May 2, 2011


Call me the ‘doubting Thomas’ if you will, the death of Osama Bin Laden doesn’t sit quite right with me. The man ‘believed to be’ Osama was shot twice in the head by US soldiers who raided his bunker..(please note the amount of moisturizing creams on his side table). His body was buried at sea…although this has not yet been confirmed. Apparently, American military forces confirmed the body was Osama bin Laden through DNA analysis before tossing him overboard. So there is no body…


Now I hate being the naysayer, especially as I whole heartedly support Obama and everything he brings to the USA, but I don’t know how much I believe all this. Obama has been receiving a lot of unwarranted, negative attention over his birth certificate. (I know- ridiculous) The whole palava is silly and irrelevant but there are some ignorant Americans out there who are fabricating information, interviews and hearsay in a bid to tarnish the President’s name. These people are small minded, republican, big business owners, itching for the moment when they can tell Obama, ‘You’re Fired!’ and slither into the Oval office themselves. 


Some call it ‘wagging the dog;’ in the PR world, we call in crisis management. Obama’s team has thrown something shiny into the Middle East, in order to distract the American flock from the menial issues at home. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky…War in the Middle East; George Dubya…Sadam is destroyed; Obama…Osama.  As much as I want to believe that Obama and his administration are responsible for the destruction of America’s most wanted, it all seems a bit 1984 to me. I think George Orwell covered all this in his examination of humanity’s evolution and scarily so, a great deal of seemingly impossible predictions have become part of our day to day lives. CCTV, children ratting on adults, extreme patriotism, a common enemy (who no one has ever actually seen), fear mongering, ongoing war abroad…it makes me wonder if Orwell was an author or a psychic.


So back to my original point, well done American for maybe a killing a guy who may or may not be responsible for 9/11 and may or may not actually exist. Hold on tight, Canada, with baby Bush hoping to win today’s national election, we could be hurdling toward our own Orwell experience.




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