Natty Juices…Boozeless: Day 4

October 18, 2014

Today I bought 4 bottles of wine and a straw to celebrate the end of my juicing cleanse. (Just kidding…about the straw bit…)


The juicing is over and I’m not sure that it was the most pleasurable experience. I had a headache and I felt tired all the time…but maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

My fiance sent me the same text message several times a day, ‘I’m hungry,’ followed by ‘If I have to eat another cucumber, I will die.‘ Yesterday I think we said two cranky words to one another before falling into bed- exhausted. But strangely, despite the cravings, headaches and tummy growls, we would both do it again.

‘WHAT?!’ I hear you proclaim. ‘Natty! You hated every second.’

To be honest with you, the cleansing experience was not all negative: We learned a lot about the way that we eat. Both my fiance and I have realized that we put a lot of crap into our bodies. We consume a lot of sugar and way too chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. We overeat regularly and don’t drink enough water- we ‘treat ourselves’ often. 


This cleanse has shown us that we need to modify our day to day diets and think about long term wellness. We need to consider our skin, our bones and our guts and the damage we do on a regular basis. Both our physical and emotional health is affected by food more than we anticipated. Although neither of us need to make drastic changes, we do need to give a bit more thought to the fuel we feed our bodies. 

According to Food Matters, your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.’ If I gained anything from this cleanse, it is understanding the truth in that statement.


While I don’t need to be a ‘health nut’ and consume only raw veg/water/wheat grass, I can definitely make better decisions for my body. 

Check out: FoodMatters.tv for tips on your healthy living. 

That being said, please pass the wine. 

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