Natalie who….?!

May 27, 2012

I am currently utilizing every PR and marketing skill I can think of to market myself- it is hard. Although my tangible products are still in the works, I am attempting to write my way into every public facing role that I can. Not only am I writing about the Adventures of Natty P, I am also writing for Blue Suite Collective, a blog for those in the nightlife industry. I have just started writing for The Broken Heel Diaries, a fabulous, funny, insightful Toronto blog focusing on mending your broken heel- both rhetorical and otherwise. I have also just written a piece for Elvia Magazine, a new online publication focusing on, and perpetuating positivity and inspiration. It’s been a great month! But hopefully, this is just the beginning! I am keeping my eyes and ears open for new and exciting opportunities, with both fictional and non fictional content. If you know of any opportunities, let me know.


It is difficult to market oneself. How does one toe the line of self confidence, and not come across as arrogant? How does one prove their capability without any precedence? Also, how does one command the courage and persistence to create a ‘household name’ persona? I don’t have the answers as of yet, but I am working on it. If anyone has any suggestions, by all means, drop me a line!


In the meantime, join the Natty P Facebook page to stay up to date on my latest articles, blogs and posts. And watch the Bestseller’s list for my name. If you see it, let me know- because for now, it means that someone else is writing under my name….

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