My seat on the yoga bandwagon

June 24, 2011


I am in danger of being labelled a bandwagon jumper. I don’t watch football until England is in an international competition (which is never for very long these days), I wear Team Canada paraphernalia once a year…in England, I started quoting Barry O-bams during the Presidential election a few years back and I always order the sweet potato fries. To feign individuality, I always insisted that I would never get fake nails; I wore them for two years. I always said I would never practise yoga; OH MY GOODNESS, it seems I am jumping on once again.


When I received a Groupon deal (see! Bandwagon!) for hot yoga in my mother’s home town, I forwarded the email to her and suggested we go together. The reply came back with one word: No. I went none the less, having dabbled in yoga and after hearing that hot yoga would give me the bikini body I have been craving…unfortunately, my craving for pizza, fries and wine have superseded the former. (Yes, Kate Moss- Chilli cheese fries taste as good as skinny feels!)



Yoga (Hot Moshka yoga) is, by far, the most amazing activity I have ever participated in! Hot yoga is practiced in 40 degree heat and within 10 minutes I am dripping all over my mat and occasionally on the unfortunate people on either side of me. Yoga is an intense work out cleverly disguised under a shroud of seemingly inviting poses, all with euphemistic nature bound titles. Do not let these fool you- Oh no! 3 days after my first class I was still wearing a life line alert button around my neck…just in case… Muscles in your body are cleverly toned and strengthened in an unoffensive manner, each pose is part of a ‘flow’ that gives your body cardio attention AND muscle definition. It is a relaxing class where one moves comfortably toward a body you are proud of…and contrary to popular belief, it does happen quite quickly.


More importantly, (for me anyway) is the connection and intuition I am building with myself and the energies of the world around me. (I know, I know- I sounds like a tree hugger but it’s true). I have always been a very competitive person, hence my previous disregard for yoga. My last two hot yoga classes, however, left me wiping away tears as I connected and sent my practice to someone I love…(I actually sent a text afterward to see he had felt the good vibes- He hadn’t. They must have gone Canada Post).


Just like the recipient of that text, I bet you think I am crazy. I am not! I assure you! I am the sanest I have been in years. I leave class on a high, feeling as though I could conquer the world with my warrior one and controlled breathing. I feel like an upward facing dog with my face to the sky, ready to salute the sun. I have more energy, emotional stability and stronger muscles; yoga is the icing on my delicious cake of life. Oh yoga- you have set me free! I am converted! I am glad I decided to ride this wagon, although I think I may step quietly off the sweet potato fry train…


And so, with this blog, I want to tell the world about the power of yoga. If I, competitive, emotional, ADD child can benefit from such an exercise, I am fairly certain a normal person will feel the same. I want to see the world in a pigeon pose, hands on heart, saying to our fellow man, ‘Namaste.’


Unfortunately, it seems the bus driver of the 35C does not share my new found spirit. He chuckles to himself as he pulls away from the stop, leaving me seconds behind, (mat and bag in tow, arms flailing and panting), solidifying that yes, we are still a yoga deprived world, bandwagon or not.



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