Laily’s invite to my hat party

July 26, 2011



She thought she was being clever when I asked ‘What should I write about today?’ and she answered with ‘Me!’ She did not expect me to call her bluff.


I immediately liked Laily from the moment we met at our production jobs with Hank Studios. She was funny, smart, sarcastic and kept up with my Reader’s Digest sense of humour. She played tennis and enjoyed Thai food. No, I didn’t fall in love with Laily but I would definitely invite her to a BBQ…or hat party…probably not a fetish party (the first Wednesday of every month, in case you were wondering. Location tbc). To add to this kick-ass personality, Laily had previously worked on the popular UK television show ‘Embarrassing bodies.’ This tell all titled programme examines guests who claim ‘I never showed anyone this but now I am going to reveal all on national TV,’ promptly presenting their private, often gross, physical ailments to unrealistically good looking Dr’s and a camera crew. Check it out- if you can sit through an entire episode, I will eat my hat (not my Blue Jays hat though…I like that one).


 Embarrassing Bodies-Channel 4

The fact that Laily managed to work through an entire season of this show, researching the deformities of the British public and dealing with over zealous Dr’s, makes her a personal hero of mine.



Aside from all her wonderful qualities, Laily has this… ‘look.’ This infamous look can be described with a host of adjectives: condescending, disapproval, amusement…(picture the look your mother gave you when you snuck in at midnight, staggering, stinking of booze and cigarettes then told her you were just at the library. Uh huh- that’s it). Laily’s look takes no prisoners- the look is not reserved for any particular situation. Laily’s infamous look has made interns and CEO’s alike cower with fear or at least shift uncomfortably in their seat. I would like to rent Laily out to NATO; I believe her ‘look’ would solve the conflict in Palestine and possibly Libya. I personally avoid eye contact when speaking directly to Laily for fear that I may turn to stone. But don’t get me wrong- she is definitely invited to my next hat party!


So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, my hero, the lovely, talented, terrifying Laily!!!




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