Killigrew: More than beautiful models

August 18, 2011

Killigrew: tailor made luxurious comfort in stylish and crisp designs? Ummm- yes! I own at least 3 shirts and cried when I ruined my favourite white Killigrew Tee at the infamous Calgary Stampede…but that’s a whole other story. Made of 100% Peruvian Pima cotton Killigrew exudes elegance, class and stereotypical ‘cool.’ You know, cool: Ray Ban, Queen West, Skinny Tie Cool…but with accessibility. Founders Mitch and Cleo Darragh have created more  than a clothing line- Killigrew represents a lifestyle.m


I must admit, I was dubious at first. Starting a clothing line seemed beyond the realm of possibilities for a mother/son team based in Toronto, despite their extensive history in the fashion/cosmetics world. The clothing market seemed so vast I knew it would take something really special to break through the piles of unsuccessful brands already lying lifeless on the floor.


Intro: Killigrew (triumphant trumpets announcing the brand’s entrance). Killigrew exceeded my pessimistic expectations (…which are usually kept low to avoid disappointment). I am inspired to become an optimist.


As a friend of Mitch’s, I received an invite to attend their first photo shoot. I arrived unsure of what to expect but was greeted by beautifully designed shirts on even more beautiful models (seriously…it’s ridiculous…check the website). Cleo and Mitch worked that shoot with the finesse and expertise of old pros. While the camera snapped and lights flashed, I instantly picked out my favourites, matching them to bottoms, shoes and bags already in my wardrobe. I loved so many pieces, I didn’t know where to begin…but I did know one thing: I was going to begin in Killigrew. Men, women…the same ‘cool’ ran through every piece. My boyfriend is the proud owner of 7 Killigrew shirts and gets compliments whenever he wears one (on the shirts, that is…). His ‘Patch’ polo for men (in Caviar) is beyond sexy and I can’t live without my ‘Penny V’ Tee.


Since the first shoot, Killigrew has gone from strength to strength featured in ‘Inside Fitness Magazine’ and well as ‘Preferred Magazine.’ While flirting with interested boutiques and keeping the international buyers at bay, online sales have reached a new high; the only place for Killigrew to go is up. With the launch of their new site, I am kicking myself for even letting the slightest bit of doubt seep into my soggy brain. Of course Mitch and Cleo pulled off a brand that embraces luxury and comfort! Of course they created a line of highly sought after shirt! Of course Killigrew carries a personality and class unseen by many other brands!


Killigrew is a stylish, sexy and innovative brand whose shirts, tees, tanks and polos embody a generation. See for yourself: www.killigrewfashion.com


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