In the beginning…

November 17, 2010

IMG_1637.JPG I considered writing a blog about a year a go but decided the page would only serve as an outlet for my self indulgent, depressing and self pitying thoughts; a mere bag of emotional vomit in lieu of a therapist.


So here I am year later, a year older and very very happy. I would like to credit the change entirely to the meds but it seems that the source of my self loving has come from a deeper source. Not only have I overcome my fear of making decisions but I have discovered I am both lovable and capable, powerful and positive but have drafted a loosley structured life plan and have personal goals …not to mention I have met Mr. Perfect.


This happiness is sickening I know, but if anything, it allows me perspective…a concept I had trouble grasping previously. I realize that sometimes life sucks camel dick but it is also rainbows, unicorns and sunshine.


Anyway, I have decided I am now in a position to record the random and sometimes amusing events that seem to compose my life in this cosmopolitan chaos they call London. 


Together we will laugh, cry and hopefully have a epiphanic moment or two.


So here we go, folks!




Peace and Love (or something equally as superficial)!





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