Geico: Weeeing their way to ad success

August 17, 2011


A posh English gecko, woodchucks chucking wood, cavemen and commercial parodies. I admit I have chuckled aloud over the little pig ‘weeeeing’ all the way home, much to the annoyance of my fellow public transit passengers. These self-proclaimed ‘super’ campaigns have run concurrently on many networks since 2004; Geico’s advertising budget tripling over the past 8 years.  Has Geico created a multi faceted advertising jewel or have they overwhelmed consumers with too many messages? Do numerous simultaneous campaigns work or are they just a waste of advertising money?

In recent years, Geico researched their audience reception addressing brand likeability and ad awareness in correlation to their behavioral intent.  They developed the following three hypotheses:

  1. Consumers who have seen and liked the ads are more likely to consider purchasing insurance from Geico
  2. Consumers who have seen and liked the ad AND have a positive attitude toward the brand are more likely consider purchasing insurance from Geico.
  3. Strong ad awareness will increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing their insurance from Geico

While conducting their research, Geico discovered that 81% of viewers enjoy their ads and 55% had a positive view of the company. A majority of participants also said that they trusted the information they read on the Internet. Geico’s share price has jumped over 50% since 2006 and their profits have increased by billions, holding close to 10% market share worldwide. Geico’s caveman campaign has even been honored on the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. Their characters have made appearances in ABC sit-coms (Watch this space as I am also anticipating a call for an NBC cameo).

While all the aforementioned hypotheses were unproven, Geico has continued it’s simultaneous campaigns in digital, broadcast and print capacities, each reinforcing a different brand offering. Each Geico campaign has mobile apps and online games, encouraging interaction between the brand and the consumer. This enforces brand awareness, credibility, affordability and ease of use, reacting to the needs and wants of their wide audience. Whether you agree with Geico’s simultaneous, multi medium campaigns or not, they are proving to be beyond successful!

So in conclusion, yes, Geico, Foghorn Leghorn would make a very bad book narrator, yes, even a caveman can purchase your insurance, yes, that little green gecko of yours has a tiny bit of sex appeal and yes, Geico, it does take two to tango (…unless you are Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell in a poor 1999 romantic comedy, in which case you will also need Dylan McDermott)…

…And yes, Geico has developed, perfected and maintained advertising success.




*written for Hank Studios (www.hankstudios.com)





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