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Bye bye Burgerettes

March 18, 2011

During my first shift, while explaining my duties, my soon to be boss offered me a cigarette. ‘No thanks,’ I replied with a chuckle. ‘I only smoke when I am drunk- Haha!’ He stared at me blankly. ‘Are you not drinking?’ I shook my head. ‘Why not?!’ he gasped. ‘Let’s get you a drink and have some fun!’ It was right then that I knew I would be happy as a Burgerette at the Meateasy.meateasy.jpg

I have been struggling with how to write this all day. ‘It all began with a phone call’ and ‘I work at the greatest venue on Earth’ are both correct but seem unsuitable or cheesy. The fact is, I work my last shift as a Burgerette at the famous #Meateasy tomorrow night and I am sadder than I thought I would be.  Through a series of connections, I have become part of a family unlike any other- an amazing group of people pulling off an amazing project.  I have watched an impromptu American style dive bar come to life, bringing together the nation’s finest and giving breadth to exciting, new projects while simultaneously creating the biggest PR miracle that will be studied for years to come…not to mention serving the greatest burgers the world has ever tasted.  

                My recent Coelic diagnosis has left me broken hearted as I stare longingly at the dead hippie with its luscious special sauce and mustard fried patties, the light and crispy onion rings, hearty and spicy chilli, the jalapeno smothered chilli cheese burger and of course the rich Philly cheese steak. My stomach and taste buds are moping already but my intestines are breathing a sigh of relief as I give my mouth a final wipe on the completion of my chilli cheese hotdog. The juicy, perfectly seasoned and grilled patties are second to none as a fabulous kitchen team create hundreds of miracles in a bun every night; not a bad word can be said about a #Meateasy Burger.

                Yes, I will miss the phenomenal menu but it is the people that will be leaving a massive void I don’t think any other place in London could fill. Let’s start with the world’s greatest boss- never before have I been as fortunate as to call my boss, my good friend. He is a charismatic, intelligent, sweet, PR genius who has the biggest heart in the world. Not a day goes by he doesn’t make sure I am smiling, saying of my fabulous Canadian boyfriend, ‘I am glad someone is looking after my girl properly.’  He has already promised to do a burger van at my hypothetical wedding one day! Gentlemen like him, not to mention bosses, are hard to find.

                I have met and fallen in love with my co- Burgerettes, a sorority if you will, of beautiful girls (and one very lucky guy) who all support and care for one another as if we had all been together for years. Being a Burgerette is a tough position to fill and people underestimate the skill it takes to shout as loud as you can across an unresponsive multitude, snake through crowded rooms with a tray full of food, fill ketchup and mayo (yuck) while trying to keep our many admirers at arm’s length (one has to take a number for that too…). We spend endless post work hours chatting and learning each other’s deepest darkest secrets so we can catch our fellow Burgerette when that secret snags her heel and she (or he) may fall. The love flows to the bar and kitchen, a family of (sometimes incestuous) brothers and sisters who never start a day without a hug and a kiss or finish one without more of the same.

                AND THE PARTIES!!! I decline to divulge too much regarding #Meateasy festivities but those who have been know exactly what I am talking about! Ya you do….

                Tomorrow I finish my Burgerette duties and head back to Canada for six weeks where my loving boyfriend waits at Pearson Airport arrival gates to give me a long overdue kiss and cuddle. My parents wait to embrace me (and ask what I am cooking them for dinner) and my friends look forward to us picking out bridesmaid dresses, going to ball games and creating lasting memories, all of us together.  I cannot wait to get back to the true north, strong and free and be able to see these very important people once again. If only I had a tardis…

By the time I return for exams, the #Meateasy will be gone and the Meatwagon will begin its summer tour.  I miss the crew already and look forward to writing the next chapter of our lives together on my return. I want to thank each and every person there for putting up with my endless chatter, my worryingly middle aged loud laugh, my sexual innuendos/hilarious short jokes, my sad days, my really happy days and the evenings when I decide I actually DO want a burger just as you are about to clean up. Thank you for allowing me into the family and allowing me to be part of such a phenomenal creation. I love you all very much and look forward to seeing y’all very soon!

Babe- haste luega!

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