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Adult Time at Royalton Riviera

December 27, 2017
Adult Time at Royalton Riviera

Adult Time at Royalton Riviera

I am with my son 24/7. I work from home so if we aren’t at gym class, music class or on a play date, we are together at home eating, reading or having a dance party. Even when we are both sleeping, his baby monitor is next to my head. So the thought of leaving my son for an extended period of time was terrifying but as the classic Chicago song says, ‘Everybody needs a little time away, I heard her say, from each other….’ Adult Time at Royalton Riviera

I felt the mom guilt wash over me when I caught myself looking forward to some ‘adults only’ time with my husband but my mother and friends reassured me that the time away from each other would be good for both my son and I. We both need to learn how to function without one another and spend some time with the other important people in our lives. It is healthy and necessary. Adult Time at Royalton Riviera 

I was dubious- the Mom guilt was real (so so so real) but now; I am so glad that my baby and I had that time apart. My husband and I were able to enjoy some time together at a luxury 5-star resort, having adult conversations, relaxing and laughing a lot. Yes, we missed our little guy but it just made reuniting so much sweeter.We All Need Adult Time at Royalton Riviera 2

We got our ‘adults only time’ at Royalton Rivieria Cancun, a luxurious Canadian owned resort that made it easy to wind down and have some fun. From the fantastic live music to the beautiful beach, the attentive staff to our personal swim up pool, Royalton Riviera made us feel like VIPs from the moment we arrived.

Royalton Resorts are available exclusively through Sunwing who took us comfortably through the skies with some complimentary bubbly. We flew Elite Plus (an optional upgrade service) which meant that we had roomy seats (1a & 1b) and our priority check in was a breeze. It also meant that our luggage was the first off of the plane and we went from plane to beach in under an hour.

As soon as we arrived at the resort, we knew we were somewhere special. The uniqueness of the Royalton Riveira’s design and layout was unlike anything we had seen at an all-inclusive resort. Although the resort has 1200 rooms, it is divided in such a way that feels like four smaller, distinctive resorts in one. There is a section of rooms surrounding a children’s water park and pool; the main pool is surrounded by a decorated stage, bars, restaurants, perfectly placed terraces and the luxurious lobby; the Diamond Club is a family VIP area with private pools, a VIP pool and butler service; and the Hideaway which is an adults only secluded paradise also with butlers, private pools, a main pool, cabanas and an adults only restaurant. It is the latter where we literally “hid away” for a week.

We All Need Adult Time at Royalton Riviera 1

There are nine restaurants onsite and eight are a la carte. We never ate dinner in the same place twice, each meal offering something unique and deliciously different from the one before. I’m not regularly a buffet fan but with multiple made-to-order stations, it was hard to find fault with the lavish spread of international cuisine. Our butler made all of our a la carte dinner reservations and we enjoyed fantastic room service at every breakfast. There is something about sipping coffee in a robe on a balcony by the ocean that is hard to top.

We All Need Adult Time at Royalton Riviera Sunglasses

Royalton Riviera prides itself on full connectivity so we always had wifi. This meant we could FaceTime the baby as much as possible and I could check in on him to the point of annoyance. (Luckily, this compulsion wore off the longer we were away and the more I saw how happy he was with Grandma). We caught up on our favourite Netflix shows and yes, we even occasionally checked our emails. We were also able to watch Toronto FC clinch the MLS Cup, catch Monday night football and watch the Leafs in Score Sports Bar before heading over the nightclub and dancing the night away.

Adult Time at Royalton Riviera Dancing

The Royalton Riviera felt like true luxury: Every aspect of the lay out, the room size, even the location of the sun loungers had been thought out. We were never far from a snack, a drink or a pool. The staff was attentive but not intrusive, allowing my husband and I time to ourselves to really enjoy the experience.

We All Need Adult Time at Royalton Riviera Hammock

My time at the Royalton Riviera reminded me that it is important to take some time away from the role of ‘Mummy’ and connect with my husband. We need to escape from our day-to-day routines and relax in a beautiful, luxurious, childfree place where everything we need is taken care of and we can just focus on one another. We are definitely the best people, parents and partners when we balance our work and play and give ourselves permission to do so. At Royalton Riviera, we were able to do just that and we can’t wait to go back and do it again.

We All Need Adult Time at Royalton Riviera

*This trip was sponsored by Sunwing Vacations who did not pre-approve this post


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