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5000 Chances For A Hug

July 17, 2017
5000 Chances For A Hug

5000 Chances For A Hug

The other day I took C to the gym and put him into their day care program. He seemed fine as I left him and headed off to the elliptical for some much needed ‘me time.’ About 50 minutes later, I saw one o the daycare workers walking through the gym and looking around. I thought she saw me as I saw her and as she walked past I thought, ‘Phew. She isn’t looking for me. It’s not my kid that is crying.’ A minute later my phone rang. It was the daycare worker. She had been looking for me and yes, it was my kid that was screaming. I needed to come and get him. I went back to the daycare room and there was C, eyes red, nose running being held as he screamed. He looked at me and my heart broke. I reached out for him and he reached out for me. I took him in my arms and hugged him tight. He melted into my arms and immediately stopped crying. He hugged me tight and I hugged him back. That moment reminded me the true power of a hug5000 Chances For A Hug

I hug C as often as I can. I tell him I love him and hold him close. He gives me kisses and nuzzles into my neck. Even though he is nine months, I still try to practice skin to skin when I can to ensure we both enjoy the benefits of that special time together. The best time for this is just after I change his diaper and he is fresh, clean and happy. He smiles at me and we practice our big stretches, our ba-ba- ba’s and la-la- la’s, give tickles and blow raspberries and share skin-to- skin hugs.

With a brother nine years younger and cousins younger than that, I was no stranger to changing diapers by the time my little one came along. The same cannot be said for my husband. While we were preparing for his arrival, my husband and I sat down and read through some diapering tips Huggies shared with us, because who would know better than the #1 choice of diaper in Canadian hospitals?

Here they are according to the Huggies #NobabyUnhugged website:

Diapering Best Practices

  1. Keep Must-Haves Nearby: Ensure you have all your supplies in reach – super-absorbent Huggies Little Snugglers diapers and skin-friendly Huggies Natural Care wipes – and ensure a safe
    safe changing surface and area. Do not step away as even small babies can move.
  2. Take a Closer Look: When baby is naked, use this time to inspect baby’s skin for any rashes or concerning marks.
  3. Prep Baby Comfortably: With one hand, hold your baby gently near the ankles, and lift the baby’s legs to clean the baby’s diapering area with a Huggies Natural Care® wipe. It’s important to wipe at every diaper change, even if urine only, to keep skin healthy. Wipe from front to back, especially for girls. Apply ointment if necessary.
  4. Apply the Diaper:
  • To put on a new diaper, lift the baby up so that you can slip the new diaper right under the baby’s behind
  • Gently hold the baby by the ankles with one hand, and slide the back of the diaper under (the back of the diaper is the side with the tabs and no decoration) Huggies® has Front and Back written on every diaper to help every diaper changer do it right.
  • Fasten the tabs to the decorated strip on the front of the disposable diaper.
  1. Final Check: Ensure the diaper covers the baby’s behind fully and isn’t too tight on the legs or stomach area (should fit snuggly, but not so tight they pinch baby’s skin.) Make sure the diaper flaps are up and the ruffle is out to help prevent leaks.

As babies have over 5000 diaper changes in their lifetime, there are over 5000 opportunities for me to hug my beautiful baby boy. I don’t want to miss a single one.

5000 Chances For A Hug

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