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5 Safe BabyMoon Travel Ideas During Zika Outbreak

February 16, 2016

A BabyMoon on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean is off the table due to darned Zika but fear not, there are many other destinations to celebrate you, your partner, and the excitement that is on the way. What to Expect recently published an article with 5 Safe BabyMoon travel ideas during Zika outbreak and I thought I would share it with you here. Enjoy!

cdc zika map

Stay Away from Zika 5 Safe BabyMoon Travel Ideas During Zika Outbreak

When you think “babymoon,” you probably imagine white sand between your toes, blue oceans and lots of tropical fruit smoothies. Unfortunately, if you’re currently pregnant, the recent outbreak of the Zika virus might have your travel plans for a warm Babymoon in Cancun or the Bahamas in flux. The CDC has issued travel warnings for some of the most popular baby moon spots (purple in the above map), including Mexico, Puetro Rico, parts of South America, Central America and the Carribbean. But just because some of the nicest and closest beaches if you live in the U.S. are off limits doesn’t mean your whole babymoon has to be. Check out these five safe babymoon where you aren’t at risk of contracting Zika. Just be sure to check with your care provider and double-check CDC travel alerts before booking tickets.

iceland safe babymoon spot


2. A scenic escape with discount flights

You don’t have to pay a lot to travel internationally. In fact, lots of airlines have flash sales to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. You can spend only a few hundred dollars round trip to travel to Iceland, which has so much to do (hiking, swimming, touring) and see (geysers, volcanoes, colorful mountains) – it’s perfect for active couples and those who like to relax. Want to stay local? Consider Yellowstone or the Adirondacks; they’re low-cost or free to enter and accessible by car. Just check with your practitioner about flyingand what activities are safe during pregnancy.

northern california safe baby moon spot

3. A northern beach

In Northern California in towns like Santa Clara and Lake Tahoe, you’ll get sandy beaches and a better chance for warmer weather than with beaches in New England. On the East Coast, you’ll enjoy lobster, scenic local hikes and historic hot spots (even if the weather is cooler and the beaches are somewhat rocky). You might decide which coast based on the time of year you want to travel and where you live. Resorts on both coasts offer inexpensive packages, especially during off travel seasons, like late winter and early spring.

charleston safe babymoon spot
Sean Pavone/Alamy


4. A hip town with great food

Fulfill all your pregnancy cravings and them some by spending a few days in a city known for its food. You can try authentic cuisines from all around the world if you take an Amtrak to NYC or taste the newest foodie trend in San Francisco. And for comfort cuisine, look no further than Charleston or Atlanta. You can find cheap accomdations in all these cities with Airbnband similar services.

outdoor resort safe baby moon spot
Jesse Morrow/Stocksy

5. An outdoor resort and spa

You can cross-country ski, hike and pamper yourself with a massage (just ask your practitioner first or consider a prenatal massage) and room service in locations you might not expect for low prices. Best part? You’ll be able to slow down and really enjoy your time with your partner because you won’t feel the need to pack your daily schedule.

5 Safe BabyMoon Travel Ideas During Zika Outbreak


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