Wine of the Week: What’s Your Port Personality?

May 21, 2015
Wine of the Week: What's Your Port Personality?Wine of the Week: What's Your Port Personality?

Bourbon is cool again. So is tequila and mescal. Now a Portuguese winery housed in a 12th century monastery is making Port cool again too. Already a creator of award winning Ports, Senhora do Convento (SDC), launched two new Ports called ‘Ruby’ and ‘Tawny.’ Both are designed for the young savvy cocktail lover while remaining conscious of the clout that comes with their already established world excellence.

SDC’s new campaign, ‘What’s your Port Personality?’ asks that you not think of Port as an old man smoking a pipe in his slippers but as the well built Idris Elba lookalike sporting Ted Baker brogues.

The bottles are minimalistic, stylish and sexy. Tawny is sensually described as, ‘Masculine and smooth with wet leather undertones,’ while Ruby is ‘Fresh and Young, Exotic and Spicy.’ Yes, ladies, even Port has been sexualized. But is this what the drink needs in order to be cool again? I suppose sales will tell.

Luckily, the Port is good. Keep in mind it is entry-level ports so it lacks the body that one might associate with a bottle of say, a 40 year-old Taylor or Graham’s. The Tawny is definitely the more masculine of the two with a brownish hue, tasting of Brazilian nuts and burnt cream- I enjoyed it on ice with sparkling water and fresh mint-as suggested.

The Ruby was definitely younger, fresher and spicier with a beautiful colour that embodied its namesake. It tasted of dried fruits like apricot and fig and possibly some red licorice. On ice and with a slice of orange, this drink was refreshing, tasty and easy to drink.

My favourite SDC Port cocktail is the Sangria Porto featuring Ruby Porto as thestar. This delicious Sangria is available exclusively at Barsa Taberna, a Barcelona inspired tapas restaurant on Market Street. In case you can’t make it down to the restaurant, Barsa has shared the recipe for you to enjoy on your patio this summer.


Barsa Sangria Porto

Bottle of SDC Ruby Port

Soda – 400mL

Brandy – 1oz

Grand Marnier – 1oz

Red Wine Marinated Orange Slices

Watermelon Balls

Add ice, mix and serve.

SDC Ruby Porto is available at the LCBO for $16.95.

SDC Tawny Porto is available at the LCBO for $16.95

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