The time I tried to put a Periscope video on YouTube

May 5, 2015

The good news is that Periscope was a successful social media tool

This is the email I wrote to the amazing team at Rock It Promo:

Hey Ladies-

So am promised, I attempted to put a video together with my Periscope footage- You will see that I am still trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get past Rasa before footage stopped being saved. Pretty frustrating as there was such good content!

I got a nice chat with Sarah from Taste of Toronto and somehow I have the audio but not the visuals. I tacked the audio onto the end of this, just so you can hear it and added a few random photos from the tour and last year’s TofT event. For some reason, the photos from Flickr would not convert on iMovie but I used what I had.

Throughout the safari we had 150 Persicope viewers with 100% retention rate using the #TasteSafari hashtag- That means that people were tuning in and staying tuned in as I tasted, asked questions and explored. They commented on what they saw, asked additional questions and where to go for more information. (I even had a pretty sweet piece on the ‘Party Bus’ which got a lot of great conversation so I’m gutted I couldn’t get it online.)

So here is a very poor attempt to try and capture the Periscope video. You can’t see any of the comments which is also annoying and I really only get to Rasa. I know you wanted to see what Periscope looked like hence why I am sending this over. As it is awful and incomplete, I won’t be sharing it- #TasteSafari deserves better. I have written coverage for both Girls of TO and my own blog, The Adventures of Natty p ( and will let you know when they are posted.

In the meantime, enjoy this quick look at Periscope, remember that it is very poor work and don’t judge me on it! (For some reason the song ‘Happy’ pops up halfway through.) I am hoping that by the next event I do with you, I will have it figured out and can put something decent together for you. Hopefully this video will give you some good ideas for Periscope campaigns moving forward. I’m trying to teach myself more about this app so if you have any questions, let me know and I can try and answer.

Remember: No judgement! Ha!

Speak soon!


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