Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky Week: Day 5

May 29, 2015
Johnnie Walker Whisky Week: Day 5

Here is my final instalment for Johnnie Walker Whisky Week. It was a fantastic few days full of peat, oak and hints of vanilla- Yum!

This week we learned that whiskey makers are obsessive in creating their perfect blend, taste and colour. Hundreds of years stand behind each whiskey label and a legacy of perfection and compulsion…And every single whiskey maker will assure you that their drink is best.

Hopefully you have been inspired to host your own whisky tasting at home. The Johnnie Walker whisky tasting we threw on Monday was not only a huge hit with the crowd, it was relaxing, easy and most of all, fun. I brought the people and Cameron, our JW ambassador, brought the whisky, the glasses, the pairings, the jokes and good looks.

The Johnnie Walker at home page tells all: Good Scotch whisky is a lot like a good friend. Both should bring something unique to the table, whether it’s an abundance of character or the ability to fit in regardless of the crowd or occasion. That is what an evening with Johnnie Walker® is all about: gathering a handful of bold and balanced personalities … and sharing them with your closest friends.

So here is how to throw your own Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting for Father’s Day or just because:

1. Find a space in your house that will fit 10-15 of your family and/or friends

2. Email concierge@aneveningwithjohnniewalker.ca.

3. Pick a date and confirm with JW

4. Invite Dad (+ friends and/or family)

5. Wait impatiently for chosen date to arrive

6. Enjoy an evening with Johnnie Walker with aforementioned family and/or friends

It is really that easy. You can read more about my Johnnie Walker whisky tasting HERE.

For more information on Johnnie Walker visit: www.johnniewalker.ca

*’How to Host Your Own Whisky Tasting‘ originally appeared on Girls of TO.


Photo courtesy of The Curious Creature

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