Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky Week: Day 3

May 27, 2015
Johnnie Walker Whisky Week: Day 3

Happy Humpday everyone!

We are almost at Friday and under a week away to June. June brings the official start of summer, lazy cottage days, burgers on the BBQ…and a beverage or two. I am primarily a wine drinker but in the last year or so, have come to appreciate a scotch on the rocks. My husband and his friends are scotch drinkers and I can now appreciate the appeal of a whisky neat or whisky cocktail or a rye & ginger in the summer sun. I just discovered, however, that true whisky lovers never add ice- Even a neat scotch is a faux pas! According to Business Insider, just when I thought I was enjoying whisky right, it turns out that I was doing it all wrong.

Did you know?

True whiskey drinkers don’t add ice

Ice dulls the flavor of whiskey. It reduces the temperature of the whiskey too much, inhibiting the flavor and freezing its aroma. If you must, adding one cube is moderately acceptable.

Taking it “neat” (plain) doesn’t work well either. Adding just a drop-small splash of water is best. The water prevents the strong alcohol content from numbing your senses.

On the type of water, soft still spring water will enhance the aroma and flavor of a whiskey. Some tap water contains high levels chlorine that would spoil the flavor, so be wary.*

That being said, I like to think that enjoyment is subjective and no one can really tell you how to enjoy a drink. Whether it is wine, spirits, cocktails, I like to adhere to the rule that if it tastes good, go for it….Providing, of course, that it is not going to kill you. (ex. Don’t drink gasoline even if it tastes good). On that note, here’s a gasoline free cocktail:

Today’s Recipe

Johnnie Walker Gold Frost

1 oz. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

2½ oz. Apple Juice

1. Add all ingredients in a shaker
2. Add ice and shake
3. Double strain into a flute

4. Garnish with a lime twist



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