A Visit to Stratford: More Chocolate Than Shakespeare

August 13, 2015

When people think of Stratford, Ontario, they think of Shakespeare and the famous Stratford Festival‘s award winning theatres. They picture a nostalgic little town nestled in Southern Ontario, a river meandering through the green gardens, theatres and quaint shops while Swans glide by: It is quintessentially British. While these feelings of wistful tranquility are perfectly true of Stratford, Ontario, there is so much more here to entice your tastebuds, sweet tooth as well as a dose of culture. If it weren’t for driving an hour and a half from Toronto, one might feel as though they travelled back in time to the type of sentimental English town now only seen on PBS dramas. From independent brew houses to the unique Chocolate Trail to creative culinary concepts, Stratford offers a fantastic Ontario weekend away.


First of all: park. Use one of the city’s free parking lots and leave your car for the weekend. You can walk everywhere in Stratford and you will feel better for it.


Right now, Stratford is celebrating its Summer Music Festival, a multi-week festival of more than 100 events and featuring more than 350 different artists. We wandered down to Tom Patterson Island opposite the Festival Theatre for the opening ceremony followed by fireworks. The park was packed with people of all ages, some in lawn chairs, some floating in boats on the Avon River and some sitting on blankets starring into the sky. From soloists to orchestras, this annual program provides local, provincial, national and international artists in the open air bandstand or inside the city’s renowned theatre. This festival runs until August 30th.


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What's In My Suitcase

Archibald Men Magazine – Issue 3: Performance

August 12, 2015

I like to have a magazine when I travel on long plane, train or automobile rides. I also like to interview interesting, engaging, exciting people when I write for said magazines.

Check out Archibald Men Magazine – Issue 3: Performance. Meet race car drivers, sports casters, a mad scientist and the best way to explore Amsterdam.

Learn how to fold the perfect pocket square, pull off a blue suit and how to find your performance edge at work.

Stay tuned for your print copy.


Cider of the Week: Folkin’ Hard Cider from Bonnieheath

August 6, 2015
Cider of the Week: Folkin' Hard Cider from Bonnieheath

Bonnieheath Estate in Norfolk County is so many types of fantastic, as are the owners, Anita and Steve Buehner.

Not only does Bonnieheath produce heaps of lovely smelling lavender, oils and creams, they craft a number of delicious wines and our personal favourite, Folkin’ Hard Cider. The latter comes in two flavours: Apple and Apple & Cherry. I’m not a huge fan of anything ‘cherry flavoured’ but this unique and scrumptious cider is mixed with real cherries- nothing artificial at all. 

It is delicious!

Cider of the Week: Folkin' Hard Cider from Bonnieheath

Folkin’ Hard Cider isn’t too sweet like many of the ciders in the market today, nor is it so dry that you find yourself parched after a bottle. When Anita and Steve entered their first batch of cider into the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers craft cider competition, they placed a stunning 2nd. When they entered their Apple & Cherry cider the following year, it placed 1st in the ‘specialty cider’ category, proving that this delectable hard apple cider is truly something special.

All hard cider apples come from the Bonnieheath orchard and any additional apples needed come from the Norfolk Association of Apple Growers. The cherries come from, you guessed it, the Norfolk Association of Cherry Growers and are another true representation of the fabulous fruit & veg this area produces.

Beer Of The Week: The Blue Elephant’s Super Masculine ‘Very Berry Strawberry’

July 24, 2015
Beer Of The Week: The Blue Elephant's Super Masculine 'Very Berry Strawberry'

The Blue Elephant rose to fame when two members of Mumford and Sons tasted their home brewed pilsner and asked to make it the official beer of their ‘Gentleman of the Road‘ tour in 2013. Owner Heather Pond-Manorome agreed and quickly turned what started as a 20th anniversary present to herself into a full blown microbrewery. This expansion contributed massively to the area’s economic impact so Heather kept it going giving 10% of the ‘Gentleman’s Beer’ proceeds to charity.